Children's Village

A safe environment

In 2005, a 12-hectare plot of land was purchased in Mkuranga where land was cheap and there was ample space for children to play and to grow crops.

The Children's Village was officially opened in July 2010 in a televised ceremony presided over by former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi, attended by more than 250 guests. The project has twice won the prestigious 'Order of Uhuru Torch' for pioneering social development work in Tanzania.

The children's village is uniquely designed and built in stages. It includes family houses, sanitary blocks, classrooms, a central kitchen, a small library, an infirmary and two large open-sided central halls where everyone eats and where the children can play when it rains.
The design is based on our living concept to let the children grow up in a family situation. A family consists of a maximum of ten children who live with a mother in a family home. Five girls and five boys of different ages as in a real family. They eat and sleep as a family, and the mother makes sure they are healthy and do their homework.


The Children's Village is clearly visible on the satellite images of Google Maps.
We have daycare for the little ones during the day. Here we not only receive children from our child
The smallest of several families playing together under the center canopy of the cluster.
All moms together at the kitchen building.
De kinderen helpen mee met de huishoudelijke klusjes zoals het wassen van de kleding.
James, the village manager, explains the solar eclipse to the children of one of the families.
The children do homework in the library.
The children take a ride in the box of the cargo bike.
The children enjoy making music, dancing and singing. Some are very musical and like to play instrum
Some of the children on their way to school. The children go to the public school in Mkuranga so tha
The kids love playing games and doing puzzles. We regularly receive new games and puzzles from visit
FC Malaika Kids. There is a lot of football in Tanzania. Our children's village is no exception. Tha
The mesh on the windows to keep the mosquitoes out needs a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, the olde
When it rains, it poors! That is why the village is equipped with concrete drainage channels that le
The water reservoir is cleaned annually, just before the rainy season when it is almost empty. This
Bye bye
One of our mothers is a registered nurse. Our children all have health insurance and we have a close relationship with Mkuranga Hospital. A retired UK GP also provides regular health advice.